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 Your Voice Matters - Earn Rewards  Through Participation 


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 MobilEyes Prizes for Participation 

Yeah, that's right, you read that correctly. MobilEyes is so dedicated to your Civil Rights and liberties unlike any other movement in the past, we are giving away Lamborghini's and Other cash prizes to Users through their participation throughout the app. Anything that you do to engage with the app, whether that is sharing to your social media sites or simply liking and subscribing to the MobilEyes YouTube Channel, you are rewarded. You even get a bonus batch of points for downloading the app and, to top that off we are even offering a bonus for pre-downloading to give those who can't wait to preserve their spot in the first non-violent movement for civil rights. No rioting, no picketing, just digital accountability takeover. There comes a time when we need to put our foot down. Over 1000 lives that are taken a year can be prevented. With your help, Little rewards never hurt anyone, either! Participation points are collected and added to be used to increase user's odds in the monthly and annual MobilEyes drawings. There will be all types of ways to create points to earn on the platform.

Were want to reward users who are taking action to protect our civil rights and liberties. We are also going to reward our users for their loyal participation in the app. Users will be awarded points for every and all types of engagement within the MobilEyes brand. These things are simple tasks liking, subscribing, commenting, rating police officers after encounters and so much more.

Disclaimer: May not be actual model of gifted Lamborghini

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Things like purchasing merch, doing surveys, referring a friend, making a 5 second review video are all are ways to gain tons of points towards increasing your odds in the giveaways. Some other ways will be providing surveys for Research and Development organizations. Anyway we can help better our lives and those of our nieghbors MobilEyes is in.

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Up to $10,000 in cash prizes, the latest tech and gadgets, trips, eventful experiences, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. This is where we reward Users for their engagement within the app. Rating officers, subscribing to associated channels, liking, sharing, and commenting on MobilEyes social media pages are common ways to continually earn points to increase your odds. in the monthly and yearly drawings. We will also have daily engagement points and unique contests for Users to gain points in a fun and creative way. We just love rewards and have thought up every angle possible to give back to the real warriors of our civil rights and liberties, the inhabitants of this nation.

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Rewards, Unique Experiences, Paid Vacations More!! 



Monthly drawings will occur every month at the beginning of the month. The annual drawings will be held at the end of the year. Your points can be added up for the whole year if the user chooses to increase their chances the most or, they can use them during any monthly drawing. Points are equal to one entry into the pot. This is how your chances are increased and calculated. Pre-downloading will earn you starter points, so will referring a friend to pre-download the app in order to get a head start on your point's buildup. Good luck and see you there! Stay tuned for the point's menu detailing how your points will be calculated and how many points you'll get for each task or engagement. Stay Free!

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Your points are automatically calculated up and can be viewed by each user on their account profiles. They can be used to enter drawings and can increase their odds in the monthly and annual drawing hosted by the MobilEyes App. Each point counts as an entry into whatever drawing that they put their points towards. Each User can save up their points for however long they would like to increase their chances the most. For example, go ahead save your points for a whole year, then throw them towards the Lamborghini drawing Your Points. Good luck citizens Stay Safe!!

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