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It's more than just an app, It's a movement

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Sign up for the download list and get premium access to MobilEyes for free! No commitment required. Share this page with a friend; it's up to us as citizens to make sure our rights are protected. Join the only effective way to do this safely: a world with no racial profiling or police brutality, as our founders intended.


To show our dedication to civil rights and your protection from law enforcement, we're holding a drawing for pre-downloaders. Winners will be announced one week after launch and will receive $10K in cash$ FREE Giveaway, the latest tech gadgets, gift cards, a tropical trip for two, a cruise for two, and more. Signing up is free and your sign-up equals entry into the drawing.

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Important Update!

We have finished development and have launched our test model as planned. Now we are in the process of entering it into the Play Stores. Soon we will be online and defending civil rights nationwide. Thank you to all our supporters! I will be posting a new countdown until our official launch when we hear back from the Play Stores. We did it!

 1st Launch Features 

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Multi-Social-Media Platform Livestreaming

Emergency Live Lawyer Button

The CopWatch Tab

Ratings And Rewards

Patent Protected


Information for the People


Within the MobilEyes app, police profiles encompass essential details such as the officer's badge number, name, city, and state, along with three distinct icons. These icons allow public access to the officer's pull-over reviews, with the red icon denoting misconduct cases, the green icon signifying exceptional conduct reports, and the grey icon presenting an overview of all pull-over sliding scale reviews completed. By empowering users to review this information, they can make informed judgments regarding the officer's conduct, serving as a precautionary measure against potential infringements.

MobilEyes App page Cop Profile
MobilEyes App account profile

Accountability Report Validating


Each user-generated report undergoes thorough analysis to ensure its accuracy and validity before publication. Additionally, MobilEyes engages with officers mentioned in reports, providing them with the opportunity to provide their perspective on the allegations. Upon validation by MobilEyes Support, the confirmed reports are displayed on the offending officer's profile, and a duplicate report is forwarded to their superior officer for further action. This process guarantees transparency and accountability within the system.

Live Lawyer Feature


The MobilEyes App's Lawyer Feature allows users to promptly access legal assistance in the event of rights violations. Through the emergency button, users are connected to a certified and accredited MobilEyes Lawyer, guaranteeing expert legal support within the app. This feature emphasizes the app's commitment to providing users with immediate access to professional legal assistance when needed.

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Bumper Sticker & The CopCard


The purpose of the MobilEyes bumper sticker is to act as a signal to law enforcement officers that the vehicle's driver is utilizing the MobilEyes app, thereby alerting them to the possibility of livestreaming to connected social media accounts. The "Cop Card," a card of credit card size kept alongside one's ID, is presented to officers along with other required documents. This card informs the officer that their actions are being monitored in real-time by legal representatives and citizens nationwide. It serves as a reminder that the driver's and passengers' rights are under observation, ensuring law enforcement compliance with constitutional standards. In the event of rights violations, immediate legal representation is available to support the individual.

Our DepartmentalWeb-Based Application


The MobilEyes Departmental Side of the App emphasizes the importance of ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and privacy policies to uphold the confidentiality and integrity of user-contributed data. It advocates for the implementation of web services to facilitate seamless communication between the mobile app and external servers for efficient data exchange and real-time updates. Additionally, the platform includes provisions for mental health and counseling support, offering resources for officers in need and potentially integrating counseling classes for repeat offenders of civil rights violations. Furthermore, it promotes the integration of interactive training modules focusing on de-escalation techniques, conflict resolution, ethical decision-making, and maintaining professionalism and situational awareness in challenging situations to prioritize the safety of all individuals involved, not just the officers. Strengthening community engagement through tools like event calendars, volunteer opportunities, and outreach initiatives is also highlighted to foster positive relationships between law enforcement agencies and communities, facilitating effective communication and acceptance.

MobilEyes app page of previous video list

A chance to garner significant change within our community empowering each individual by utilizing our Rating & Rewards program to become a deciding factor with your ratings to help us allocate the funding for their cooperation and ability to commit to their constitutional oath that they were sworn to uphold.

Why Choose MobilEyes?

With our abundance of patent-protected features, we are confident that we offer the best solution for the legal industry. Our competitors focus on streamlining their legal services (which is a bill the taxpayers have paid so far up to $3.2billion), while we are dedicated to protecting your rights and preventing escalation. By providing a safe and secure mobile app, we offer a platform to enhance communication between parties and avoid unnecessary oppositions. Get in touch with us today to experience the power of MobilEyes!

Immediate Legal Service to Preserve and Protect

Our legal consultants have years of experience in providing expert legal advice to individuals and organizations. We use a data-driven approach to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and regulations.

Real Solution to Nationwide Problem

We are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to our clients' encounters keeping them safe and their civil rights preserved and protected from law enforcement infringing on them. Our mobile application features a future AI warning system that analyzes live streaming content to detect possible civil rights infringements and educate users about their rights in real-time for our 2.0 launch.

Commitment to Social Justice & Constitutional Demand

We are not only addressing the issue head-on by offering you protection at your fingertips, but we are also equipping law enforcement officers nationwide with the necessary resources to train them on citizens' rights and foster a mutual foundation of respect.

MobilEyes Has Gifted the American People the Power of Police Accountability 

We all know what we have gone through in order to have our voices heard and were still here......

MobilEyes Civil Rights
Lady Justice with 2 people god and the d

Every Voice Is Heard and Counted

Training and Resources for Officers

At MobilEyes, we strive to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community they serve. Our Ratings & Rewards system allows users to rate an officer's conduct after each encounter, creating a profile and rating for each officer. This data is then analyzed at a departmental level, incentivizing exceptional service and initiative.

MobilEyes offers an abundance of resources in order to effectively cure this problem at the root. We implement a program aimed at specifically reaching out to the community in a positive way starting with the civilian's constitutional rights and their ability to exercise them without fear of reprisal.

Join the Movement!!

Join the thousands of concerned citizens wanting to make a difference just by being a part of this technological innovation.

Thanks for joining the fight!

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