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People working on developing the MobilEyes app
Holding Law Enforcement Accountable

MobilEyes...isn't  just an App

Its a Movement!!!

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Image of the MobilEyes app landing screen

Our app is designed to protect your rights during law enforcement interactions. It offers live legal representation immediatly upon violation of your civil rights, and allows you to share your experiences in real-time with lawyers and concerned citizens nationwide. With seamless streaming on social media, it keeps you informed and introduces a rating system called CopWatch to impact law enforcement involvement. Our solution aims to foster trust, justice, and a safer society.



Holding Law Enforcement Accountable

The way we are able to do this is by live-streaming your encounter to the MobilEyes platform that lawyers and citizens from across the nation are watching live. Not only on the platform but also with the patent-protected social networking feature that allows you the ability to stream to all connected social media platforms at the push of a single button. This is one of the key features of the app, making it extremely efficient in revealing your encounter to all justice seekers all over the nation.


Additionally, the community conduct ratings system also plays a huge role in the participation and general support from our law enforcement showcasing those officers that have exceptional conduct, going above and beyond their Call of Duty. It isn't fair to those officers that are admirably joining to protect our civil rights and make the world a better, safer place.

Media Network


These are the patent protected features that allow the MobilEyes app to work efficiently and effectively.

As mentioned above this feature live streams to your social media sites as well is as the platform in order to make your encounter as observed as possible including the live lawyers.

Live Streaming w/Social Media Networks

This feature gives the user the ability to report police conduct that results in a live lawyer button press. This gives the officer involved a "Red Check" which counts against there profiles. An official review will be done by MobilEyes to determine validity of all Redchecks. Also after every encounter a sliding scale review on their conduct which will give a better profile judgment.

 Also the CopWatch tab is where law enforcement will be given a conduct score according to there conduct reviews. Violation will hurt their score and the only way to increase their score again is to receive an exemplary report. These scores are what determines which departments across the nation will receive award funding from MobilEyes and Its nonprofit partners.

CopWatch Tab

This Is the feature that makes this app work. It is a button that is connected to a group of highly skilled lawyers ready to assist you.


If the officer infringes on your rights while using the app, you then can press the emergency legal representative button to have a live lawyer represent you through the remainder of the encounter.

Live Lawyer Emergency Button

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Integrated YouTube Channel

Don't miss the connection with the app's integrated YouTube channel. This is where all your future live screen videos will be stored for future reference and community transparency. All videos but those involved in active infringement cases with law enforcement, these videos will remain on the MobilEyes platform for as long as directed by the associating lawyer. Thousands have visited the site and signed up. There your rights... Lets protect them!!!

3D Swirl


Information for the People


In the MobilEyes app the police profiles consist of the officer's badge number, Name, City, State and 3 Icons. These Icons make it so the public can view all the officer's pull-over reviews. Red being the misconduct cases against them. Green being the reports of exceptional conduct and Grey being all the overall pull-over sliding scale reviews done.


This gives the people the ability to make a decision based on the user input on how the officer's conduct is basically warning the user to be cautious of infringement.

MobilEyes App page Cop Profile
MobilEyes App account profile

Accountability Report Validating


Every user report generated gets meticulously analyzed for validation so you can be assured of the accuracy of each report that gets published. Also we will reach out to each officer that receives a report and give that officer an opportunity to make a statement on the reports that are made against them.


If a report is validated by MobilEyes Support then it is then posted on the violating officers profile along with a copy of the report sent to his superior officer. 

Live Lawyer Feature


The Lawyer Feature of the MobilEyes App makes all of this possible. When a User's rights are infringed upon, they can then press the emergency button connecting a MobilEyes Lawyer that is 100% guaranteed a certified accredited lawyer with the ability to assist in any legal aspect of the app.


They will, after every right's infringement, give that person a free consultation on your case as well as further legal advice pertaining to the situation at hand. This feature attest to the efficiency of the MobilEyes app. 

MobilEyes app account info page
MobilEyes app page of previous video list

Bumper Sticker & The CopCard


The Bumper sticker is to serve as a sort of beacon letting police know when someone is equipped with the MobilEyes app, giving law enforcement a proper warning of the Livestreaming to all connected social media accounts. The "Cop Card" is a credit card-sized card that you have next to your ID so that when you give the officer the proper documents; you include the card, which explains to him that his conduct is being observed live by legal representatives and citizens from across the US.


It tells them their conduct is being evaluated to ensure the rights of the driver and their passengers. Forcing the police officer to abide by the Constitution. Also backing it up with live lawyer representation upon infringement of your rights.

MobilEyes App Logo And starting page for the app



A Need4Deeds Inc. Is a nonprofit organization that is truly dedicated to catalyzing true transformation in the lives of the people they help in the community and beyond. They are well respected for their passion being at the heart of everything they do.


They are about bettering the community in many ways. If you'd like to learn what they're about or would like to donate, please visit their site at the link below. 



We cannot defund the police. This would not be a good thing for United States citizens. If you don't like how it is now think of how bad corruption would be if they were defunded. How many would resort to bribes or coruption in order to make enough money to live? So what we are doing with Law Enforcement is giving them a community ratings system on the Cop Watch tab, which is nationwide.


Each department's score is calculated from all officers in that particular department. The departments that have the highest rating across the United States are going to be the first candidates that MobilEyes and A Need4Deeds Inc. and other supporting organizations will choose first for awarding funding.


These will go towards Law Enforcement causes, fallen officer's widows fund, pensions, salaries, K-9 funding, and other funding. We will also be awarding random prizes and community service deeds for officers that get multiple exceptional conduct reports. This is at the discretion of the funding team Judges. 



All recorded and filed pullover reviews and conduct reports will be listed on the CopWatch tab for all to view and make there own determination on how any certain officer's conduct is. And every report on the officer's profile cards is legitimate and guaranteed.


These reports go through a strict validation process to ensure that the app is able to be verifiable, trusted and credible.

"MobilEyes" Takes our Rights back without violence and gives the user the ability to exercise their rights without fear of repercussion."

MobilEyes is more than an app its a movement!

The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty-bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.

- Albert Einstein


Signing up for the pre-download list gives you the first month free. This is a special incentive for those who look to do their part to promote the preservation of our civil liberties.  Simply signing up for this list is literally helping to protect your rights and the rights of others.


Thank you to our supporters. Please sign up and share it for free, and it could save a life.


If you like this app and feel like the United States could benefit from this app and product, please enter your information below, it will not be shared with anyone and is only for informational purposes. Or just hit the Facebook like button then share on Facebook at the bottom of this page.

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MobilEyes app page Account info and landing screen
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